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The benefits of natural skin care

Natural skin care refers to products made with natural ingredients, without the use of potentially harmful chemical ingredients or preservatives. These products are typically made from plant-based ingredients like herbs, oils and extracts.

Organic skincare, more specifically, refers to skin care products made from ingredients that are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or other similar chemicals. Organic skin care products are often more gentle and nourishing for skin because they are free from harsh ingredients that can irritate the skin.

The problem with conventional skin care products

Conventional skin care products can often contain harsh chemicals that can have negative effects on the skin. These chemicals can cause irritation, dryness and, in some people, allergic reactions. Examples include parabens, sulphates and synthetic fragrances, just to name a few. You can reduce your exposure to these potentially harmful chemicals by switching to organic skin care products. Moreover, organic skin care products are often more effective than traditional products, as they generally contain higher concentrations of active ingredients that can better promote healthier, more radiant skin. Check out some of our favourite brands, including Botani, Eco by Sonya, INIKA Organic and LAMAV.

Is organic skincare better for the environment?

Organic skin care can also benefit the planet. That's because, in addition to their negative effects on skin, harsh chemicals can also have an adverse effect on the environment, like contributing to pollution, harming aquatic life and the like. Organic skin care products, on the other hand, are typically more environmentally friendly, as they are often made with non-toxic, sustainable and biodegradable ingredients. Just another reason why it's time to say 'goodbye' to harsh chemicals and 'hello' to healthy, glowing skin. Read Less