Ultimate Guide to Australian Made Natural & Organic Products

Question. What’s better than a natural and organic product? You guessed it! An Aussie made natural and organic product. When it comes to quality, Australian made products have long been on a par with or even better than some the best in the world. This country has high safety and quality standards governed by law.

When you buy Australian, not only are you getting products made to high standards, but you are also supporting Aussie businesses. This support allows them to hire local workers and that helps those workers and their families to earn enough money to sustain their day-to-day lives.

Buying Australian made means you’re helping our economy by ensuring that the money you spend on goods stays in Australia. In turn, successful businesses and their employees will pay tax to the Government which provides money to spend on things like infrastructure, hospitals, schools, etc.1 Basically, it’s a win-win situation all around.


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Even though we know that buying Australian made is awesome, sometimes we need a little reminder, especially when you consider just how spoilt for choice we are when it comes to shopping.

Speaking of choice, we created this guide to help start you on your quest to buy Australian made when it comes to natural and organic skincare, cosmetics, hair products, body care products and more. Basically, it’s all of the products you might use in your daily grooming routine.

We love stocking brands that create products that do what they’re supposed to do (i.e. they work) AND that adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to the ingredients used in their products. Yes, we know, we’re pretty picky (and proud of it).

To make it easier for you to choose the best Aussie made products, we’ve broken it down into categories. Here we go:


The number of Australian made and owned organic skincare brands continues to grow – how lucky are we? We love and recommend brands like:

INIKA Organic – check out the Phytofuse Renew range

Clemence Organics - an award-winning, authentic organic skincare range created by a Naturopath to alleviate skincare concerns

Eco By Sonya – another award-winning skincare range including cult products like Glory Oil

La Mav – a blend of ancient, natural wisdom and modern science with a focus on bio-actives

Miessence – a pioneering organic skincare brand with incredibly pure formulations

Sanctum – naturally derived products with meaningful levels of active ingredients


Mineral makeup has been popular for many years but natural makeup is about more than just mineral powder and foundation. You’ll want to be sure your Australian made mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and the like are also free from toxic ingredients. Our suggestions:

MG Naturals – 100% Titanium Dioxide free

Miessence – natural formulations designed to benefit the skin

LAMAV – makeup for a healthy looking glow with anti-ageing benefits built-in

Neek – vegan lipsticks (no Carmine!), naturally coloured with micas and pigments

Zuii Organic – beauty products with a focus on being pure, clean and green

INIKA Organic – only some products are Australian made (e.g. Liquid Foundation and Perfection Concealer) but this brand has some of the highest quality standards of any makeup brand


Forget harsh soaps and washes that strip your skin of its natural oils. It’s gentle and moisturising all the way with these great brands:

The Australian Natural Soap Company – beautiful soaps handmade in Dandenong, Melbourne

Biologika – soaps & body washes made with naturally derived ingredients

Eco By Sonya – body washes suitable for all skin types with no synthetic fragrances, like the multi award-winning Coconut Mint Body Wash

Miessence – the Sunflower Body Wash is suitable for the whole family

Sanctum – offering 100% naturally derived, certified organic soaps


Say “no” to aluminium based antiperspirants that block your sweat ducts and prevent your armpits from acting as nature intended. Give the flick to ingredients like “Triclosan” which have been banned in some countries but not here. Tackle underarm odour and wetness naturally with safe ingredients. Take a look at these brands:

Miessence – effective formulas based on traditional remedies of bicarb soda – our No.1 selling deodorant brand by a mile!

Biologika – with herbal extracts and essential oils in a vegan friendly formula

Eco By Sonya – a unisex option that safely neutralises odour & absorbs perspiration

Noosa Basics – aluminium free underarm protection with magnesium options for sensitive skin

Woohoo Body – including unscented options and stick deodorants with plastic free tubes


For products that are applied and left on the skin (not washed off), it’s even more important to ensure that they’re free from nasties. The following brands understand this:

Biologika – the Veggie Creams are divine made with a blend of vegetable oils to nourish the skin

Miessence – there’s nothing quite like their Intensive Body Cream – another best-seller

Sanctum – you can’t beat a body balm for hydration & Sanctum offer a luxurious one with Shea Butter & Coconut Oil

Eco By Sonya – if you’re after an all-purpose moisturiser with the ability to protect, soothe & transform your skin, check out the Coconut Body Milk


Take care of both your hair and scalp with gentle, yet effective, ingredients designed to benefit your ‘crowning glory’. These brands will have you running your fingers through your hair:

Ausganica – revitalising formulations featuring a high percentage of certified organic ingredients

Biologika – a budget brand suitable for the whole family but still formulated with quality, naturally derived ingredients

Miessence – gentle formulations to nourish and restore hair, with options for normal, dry and oily hair types

Shampoo With a Purpose – long-lasting plastic-free shampoo (and conditioner) bars from Australia’s oldest family-owned soap mill


Fluoride free, triclosan free and powered by ingredients like Sodium Bicarbonate (naturally whitening) and Xylitol (decay fighting). We can’t get enough of these brands:

Miessence – another top-selling product from this brand is their toothpaste – the numbers don’t lie

The Natural Family Co – with organic ingredients, rich in Xylitol and no SLS, parabens or harsh chemicals


All the benefits of naturally derived feminine hygiene products like tampons, pads and cups with the added bonus of being Aussie made – that’s why we love:

TOM Organic – there are some great Aussie owned brands offering chemical free feminine hygiene products but this is one of the few that makes them right here in the land of Oz


Sun protection is a must in this sundrenched country and these Aussie made brands know what it takes to protect our skin from the harsh outdoors:

Ethical Zinc – I known some of you prefer SPF50 and this is one of the few natural sunscreen brands to offer it

Natural Instinct – zinc oxide formulas with tinted options that are great for the face


This iconic Aussie brand was the first and only tanning brand to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian government. Gotta love that!

Eco Tan – a trail-blazing brand in the organic 'fake tan' (or as we like to say 'safe tan') market with options for a quick tan (1 hour) right through to the 8 hour (or overnight) Invisible Tan - the one that started it all


Fragrances can be filled with a veritable cocktail of toxic ingredients (including Phthalates) and you’d never know it because ‘trade secret’ loopholes allow brands to keep their concoctions a mystery. These Aussie made brands use only natural and organic ingredients to create beautiful scents and are not afraid to tell you just what’s in them either:

IME Natural Perfume – 100% natural ingredients made from quality botanical sources & certified toxin-free by Safe Cosmetics Australia

Vrindavan – made with organic essential oils in a convenient roll-on bottle you can carry with you anywhere

The Australian Natural Soap Company – perfumes and colognes combining pure essential oils with a natural sugar alcohol – no nasties in here


Can there be anything more precious that the health and care of little bubs? Well, of course, you want to protect their delicate, sensitive skin from known nasties and these brands get it:

Sanctum – gentle, nourishing formulations including wash, moisturiser and bottom balm

Wotnot – the experts in natural baby care products

Vrindavan – gentle, safe options for baby including talc-free baby powder


Some commercial brand cleaning products contain effective ingredients that do an excellent job but at what cost? Allergies, headaches and the like are just not worth it. Our ancestors had the right idea using ingredients from nature – herbs, plants and essential oils. These days, the formulations created by these natural brands may be a little more sophisticated but they still harness those traditional remedies for a clean, healthy home:

Ecologic – all your laundry, bathroom and general household cleaning needs solved – naturally, of course

Koala Eco – affordable, chemical-free cleaning products that actually work – what more do you want?


Magnesium, essential oils and plant-based superfoods. These Aussie made brands have got you covered when it comes to living a more natural lifestyle:

Amazing Oils – enjoy the health benefits of topically applied magnesium in a range of products made with organically (and Australian) sourced Magnesium Oil

Miessence – powdered superfoods in the form of certified organic dietary supplements, like the popular InLiven Probiotic Superfood, that can be easily added to food and drinks

Vrindavan – 100% pure essential oils that can be used in massage formulations, bath, diffusers and the like