Fast Tan - Your Guide to Express Self-Tanning

After a tan in a hurry? Have you just been invited out and need a quick tanning solution? No worries! Naturally Safe Cosmetics has several self-tan options if you don’t have time to wait for your tan to develop. As you’d expect, we only stock non-toxic self-tan products made with certified organic and natural ingredients. Of course, it’s difficult to give yourself a quick tan if you don’t have the products on hand. So shop online today and we’ll quickly despatch your ideal self-tan solution so you’ll always be ready to put your fast-tan plan into action.


Be ready to step out in a hurry with your express organic self-tan (image source: Canva)

For your express tan plan to work smoothly, you’ll need to consider two things: exfoliation and your choice of self-tanner. With that said, here’s our guide:


Self-tanning products work best on skin that has been exfoliated 24-48 hours before application. Of course, you don’t always know when you might want to apply a self-tan product so what should you do? Well, most of us exfoliate 1-2 times per week anyway. After all, it’s a great way to remove dead flaky skin from our bodies and reveal smooth, soft skin. So, chances are, when you need to apply your tan, your skin will be ready to go anyway. Of course, if you know exactly when you plan to make use of your self-tanner, then you can ensure your skin is exfoliated in the appropriate time frame. Some of our favourite exfoliators include:


Express self-tanning options at Naturally Safe Cosmetics (image source: Canva and Naturally Safe Cosmetics)

Organic Express Self-Tanners

  • Eco Tan Hempitan Body Tan Water – offers results in as little as 1 hour. A liquid water solution that’s sprayed onto skin and rubbed in with your hands or a tanning mitt. For quick results, it can be washed off after only 1 hour from application, although the colour will continue to develop for up to 24 hours after washing off. For darker results, leave on for up to 4 hours before washing off. Depending on your skin tone, results vary from medium to dark. Suitable for all skin types. (P.S. Can be used on face as well as body, although Eco Tan Face Tan Water is a dedicated face tanning product which you can use like a toner to gradually build up colour on your face to your preferred level. This is normally done once a day over the course of a few days but many have reported seeing results within an hour or so.)
  • Eco Tan Cacao Tanning Mousse – also offers results in as little as 1 hour. A light foaming mousse solution. Simply spray onto skin and rub in with your hands or tan application mitt. Offers medium to dark results depending on how long it’s left on skin. Can be left on up to 4 hours before washing off if you’re after a deeper tan. Can also be used on the face if you like. Suits all skin types.
  • Aussie Bronze Body Bronzer – instant results with this one, not so much a self-tanner as a tinted moisturiser. A plant-based moisturiser tinted with iron oxides and including hydrating oils like Sunflower and Almond plus butters like Shea and Cacao. Simply apply to skin for an instant tan – the colour naturally adjusts to your skin but you can intensify the colour, if you like, by layering. It’s transfer and water resistant once completely dry to the touch. This one can also be used on the face - try applying with a foundation brush. The best part? No waiting at all! Apply, dry, dress and go!