YES Organic Lubricant

YES is a UK brand that manufactures a trusted range of intimate health products including non-hormonal, plant based vaginal moisturisers and personal lubricants.

YES natural and organic personal lubricants and moisturisers

The YES team like to call themselves 'the organic intimacy experts' - their products are made from natural, pure and certified organic ingredients and are designed to enhance your sexual pleasure and/or help with conditions like vulvovaginal atrophy. Read More According to statistics, approximately 60% of what you put on your skin can get into your bloodstream. The mucosa or mucous membranes are particularly vulnerable because they lack the protective layer of skin found elsewhere on the body. That’s why the founders of YES were determined to create products with only the purest of ingredients for use on those delicate mucosal membranes.

The people at YES are also committed to ethical trade, no animal testing, certified organic sourcing, sustainability and recycling. Best sellers include YES VM Vaginal Moisturising Gel and YES WB Water Based Personal LubricantRead Less