Toners & Mists

Face toners have come a long way from the days when most of them contained only astringent ingredients, designed to tighten the pores of the skin and little else. Its a very different story today.

Organic face toners and facial mists for improved skin appearance

Adding a face toner to your daily skincare routine can have benefits for your complexion. Read MoreSome face toners are designed to be applied to your skin with a cotton ball or makeup removal pad. These toners help to remove the last traces of your cleanser and any remaining debris from the skin, preparing it for application of your favourite moisturiser. In addition, they can minimise pores, smooth and refine the skin surface.

These days, there are facial toners for all skin types and many face toners come in the form of a mist that can be lightly spritzed onto the face to help balance, soothe and hydrate skin. These can be used between your face cleanser and moisturiser as part of your skin care ritual to restore your skin with beneficial nutrients. Or, they can simply act as a skin hydration booster that can be used anytime during the day when your skin needs it. Read Less