Toners & Mists

Traditionally, facial toners have been made with astringent ingredients, designed to tighten the pores of the skin.

Organic facial toners and facial mists for skin hydration

Face toners are normally used after cleansing and applied with a cotton ball or makeup removal pad. They help to remove the last traces of your cleanser and any remaining debris from the skin. Often, they are also formulated to help balance, soothe and hydrate cleansed skin and prepare it for application of your favourite organic moisturiser.

These days, face toners have also taken on the role of hydration boosters and many toners now come in the form of a mist or spritz so they can easily be used multiple times throughout the day, if desired. Face mists can be taken with you when you leave the house and are an easy and convenient way to give your face a quick burst of hydration whenever, wherever you need it.