Kids & Teens

Kids and teenagers can be pretty fussy about their personal grooming (just like they are with their food!). 

Natural Grooming Products for Teens & Kids

We know that what we put on our skin can be absorbed, enter our bloodstream and impact our organs. Some studies show that this is even more so in the case of younger people. That's why it's super important to ensure kids and teens are using the highest quality products that aren't filled with ingredients that are potentially going to cause harm. The last thing kids need when their bodies are growing, changing and developing is the added burden of unnecessary chemicals and synthetic ingredients.  Read More 

Natural deodorant is a great option when kids reach the stage of smelly armpits. They need products that tackle underarm odour and wetness with proven naturally derived ingredients. They do not need aluminium to blog their sweat glands.

If pimples and acne become an issue, they don't need harsh chemicals that strip their skin of it's natural oils and cause damage to skin surrounding blemishes. There are many natural and organic skincare products that tackle blemish prone skin with proven ingredients.

Young girls starting out on their menstrual journey can skip the bleach, glues and dioxins found in many sanitary products and simply take care of their menstrual needs with period care products like pads and tampons made from organic cotton and sustainable bamboo. As these products are also better for the environmental, it's a win win situation all around. Teach your kids from an early age to be aware of the products they use on their bodies and to learn how to check the ingredients in them. We think that's a great life skill, right there. Read Less