Bring out the natural beauty of your eyes with natural and mineral eye makeup options.

Natural Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is supposed to enhance and accentuate the natural features of your eyes. But you shouldn't have to compromise on safety simply to get the look you're after - it is possible to get high performing eye makeup that doesn't contain Read More potentially harmful ingredients.

Natural mascara for longer, thicker lashes

Skip the chemicals and choose a mascara with natural pigments that won't irritate your eyes and is contact lens safe.

Natural eyeshadow for a subtle look or stunning smokey eyes

Opt for eye shadows that are made with pure and natural mineral pigments derived from the earth and come in a range of gorgeous colours you'll love.

Mineral and natural eyeliner to add definition to your eyes naturally

Our mineral based natural eyeliners add definition and drama to your eyes. Choose from natural eye liner pencils or liquid eyeliner.

Mineral and natural eyebrow pencils and brow powder

Frame your eyes perfectly and naturally. Eyebrows can be so expressive and a natural brow pencil is ideal for filling in sparse eyebrows and adding thickness and definition to your brows. Or, you can choose a brow powder made with earth-derived minerals and natural pigments. Read Less