Natural Air Fresheners

You don't need to spray your home with nasty chemicals and harmful synthetics to keep it smelling fresh.

Non-toxic air fresheners for a fresh smelling home, naturally

Many air fresheners on the market contain a cocktail of hazardous chemicals, including synthetic fragrance ingredients, that may smell nice but can pose some health risks. Read More These products can fill indoor air with pollutants and have been associated with headaches, asthma attacks and breathing problems. According to, a professor at the University of Melbourne who has studied household fragrance products, claims that one quarter of the ingredients in air fresheners are classified as toxic or hazardous.
What about the environment?
Of course, air fresheners in aerosol cans also have an impact on the environment. Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs) contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone.
Natural alternatives
Naturally Safe Cosmetics offers a range of air fresheners made with natural and organic ingredients. These products are scented with pure essential oils and are housed in a spritz style bottle to reduce the impact on climate. Check out the natural options from Ecologic, Koala Eco and Zuii OrganicRead Less