Tongue Scrapers

Freshen your breath and boost your oral hygiene with a tongue scraper.

Tongue Scrapers for Oral Hygience

What is tongue scraping? Tongue scraping is an oral hygiene practice complementary to brushing and flossing, not Read More a replacement. Tongue scraping is believed to offer several oral benefits, including:

- fresher breath: the purpose of tongue scraping is to remove bacteria on the tongue which feed on food particles and can cause bad breath (halitosis)
- improved oral hygiene: while brushing and flossing are super important for oral hygiene, they don't remove bacteria from all areas of your tongue which can contribute to plaque build-up and gum disease
- enhanced taste perception: when bacteria builds up on your tongue, it can dull your taste buds - regular tongue scraping can assist you to experience the full flavour of your food
- other potential health benefits: some studies suggest that tongue scraping may aid digestion and improve our overall well-being - more research is probably needed to confirm these claims but it is an interesting area you may wish to research for yourself

Types of tongue scrapers

- Stainless steel: this material is impervious to bacteria and, unlike plastic, is BPA free and a better choice for the environment
- Copper: long lasting with natural antimicrobial properties
- Plastic: while plastic is lighter and potentially more gentle on the tongue, the may not be BPA free and may contribute to plastic waste in the environment

Note: Naturally Safe Cosmetics are not health professionals. The information and claims in this product description are our own opinion and gleaned from our own research and information readily available online. Read Less