Foot Balm & Foot Care

When it comes to caring for our bodies, our feet are often neglected. Yet the skin on our feet can be drier than anywhere else on our bodies. Dry skin on our feet can lead to cracked heels, peeling skin and calluses. A good two-step approach to looking after your feet is exfoliating and moisturising.

Natural foot cream and foot balm for soft, hydrated feet

Moisturising our feet daily with a dedicated foot and heel balm helps to ensure that they are maintained in optimum condition. Moisturise as often as necessary but twice a day is a good habit. Be careful walking bare footed on smooth floors immediately after moisturising as your feet may be slippery - a pair of socks may help here. It's also a good idea to pop on a pair of socks after moisturising your feet just before bed. This helps your feet absorb and retain the moisturiser, working to improve the condition of your feet while you sleep.

Note: if you have diabetes or are otherwise concerned about the health of you feet, consult your GP or a qualified podiatrist.