Deodorant Paste

Natural deodorant paste is designed for all day freshness without aluminium and other potentially harmful chemicals.

Deodorant paste with natural odour and wetness fighting ingredients

Deodorant paste is similar to the formula of deodorant sticks but, because it is housed in a jar or tin, it does not require the use of additional ingredients like hardeners, softeners or fillers as is the case with sticks which need to keep their shape when twisted up in order to apply them. Read More

The thought of using a deodorant paste may seem daunting to some people at first, but it really is very easy. You simply pick up a small amount (about the size of a pea) with your finger or a spatula, rub it between your fingers to soften and warm it up, then gently massage into your armpits. Think of it as moisturising your armpits. Put in on after your shower or bath when your armpits are clean. It’s that simple!  Read Less