Wotnot Tan Application Mitt


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Wotnot Tan Application Mitt is the perfect companion to the Wotnot Natural Self-Tan Lotion.

This soft and velvety glove ensures even distribution of your organic tanning lotion to help achieve a gorgeous and professional-looking natural tan that is streak-free.

Wotnot Tan Application Mitt for flawless application of your organic fake tan

This double-sided mitt can be worn on either hand. It helps you to buff your skin as you apply your tanning lotion and also protects your hands from staining.


  • Wash the mitt before the first use and allow it to dry completely.
  • Make sure your skin has been exfoliated 24 hours prior.
  • Put on the mitt and apply your Wotnot Self-Tan Lotion in a circular motion.
  • Full application instructions can be found in the product description for the self-tanner.
  • Wash your mitt after use.
Polyester fibre, polyurethane foam