How to Use a Deodorant Paste

When it comes to application of your natural deodorant, the method for some types of deodorant is obvious. Roll on deodorant is ‘rolled’ over your armpit area. Spray on deodorant is ‘sprayed’ onto the area and stick deodorant is rubbed back and forth.

But when it comes to deodorant paste - or deodorant cream as it is sometimes called - some of our customers have admitted to being a little uncertain (or maybe even a little put off at the thought of touching their armpits with their fingers). But there's nothing to be afraid of. After all, most of us apply our deodorant immediately after showering or bathing when our armpits are clean.


Deodorant paste is applied with your fingers (image credit: Cavna)

Deodorant paste is usually housed in a jar or tub – whether it be glass, plastic or tin. Deodorant paste is similar in appearance and consistency to a stick deodorant but a stick deodorant usually requires additional ingredients to enable it to retain its firmness as it is rolled or pushed up for use.


Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste in new, plastic-free tin (image credit: Black Chicken Remedies)

So, how is deodorant paste applied?

Well, it’s very simple actually. Here’s our preferred method:

  1. Pick up a small amount of deodorant paste – about the size of 2 peas (one pea for each armpit).
  2. Using both hands, rub the paste lightly between the tips of your fingers to disperse it a little for easier application.
  3. Rub the deodorant paste that’s on your right hand fingers into your left armpit until it blends into the skin.
  4. Using your left hand, rub the paste on those fingers into your right armpit and blend.
  5. Wash your hands - that's it!


  • apply deodorant to clean, dry armpits, e.g. after your shower
  • use a clean finger to collect the deodorant from the container or, better yet, a clean spatula
  • don’t go overboard when spreading the deodorant onto your fingers for application, otherwise you’ll end up rubbing it all into your fingers and there’ll be nothing left to put onto your armpits

P.S.  Apart from the fact that it is made with natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients AND it works to (a) neutralise odour and (b) absorb moisture, there’s an additional reason why we love natural deodorant paste: it offers another opportunity for you to become familiar with your armpits and check them on a daily basis for any lumps or changes. That’s a bonus!