Whether you're after eye shadow, mascara, eye liner or an eye brow pencil, Naturally Safe Cosmetics has a great range of all natural and mineral eye makeup products to choose from.

Mineral eyeshadow to accent your eyes

Our mineral eye shadows are made with pure mineral pigments from nature for beautiful and stunning eye makeup colours.

Mineral mascara to lengthen and thicken your lashes

Add both length and thickness to your eye lashes with organic and mineral mascara formulated with natural pigments that won't irritate your eyes and are contact lens safe.

Mineral eyeliner to add definition to your eyes naturally

Mineral eye liner defines your eyes in a choice of colours to brighten them up or create a dramatic smoky eye look.

Mineral Eyebrow pencils to frame your eyes perfectly and naturally

Eyebrows can be so expressive and mineral brow liner is ideal for filling in sparse eyebrows and adding thickness and definition to your brows, whether you're a blonde or brunette.