Vrindavan Roll On Organic Perfume Oil - Patchouli Bliss 10ml


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Vrindavan Roll On Organic Perfume Oil - Patchouli Bliss offers an exotic and indulgent, completely natural, alternative to toxic traditional perfumes.

Vrindavan Roll On Organic Perfume Oil - Patchouli Bliss for a natural perfume free from toxic chemicals

Many popular commercial brand perfumes are laden with harmful ingredients including parabens, phthalates and synthetic musk, which can interfere with your hormones can cause organ toxicity.

On the other hand, Vrindavan's beautiful natural perfume range is formulated with certified organic oils and they all smell absolutely divine!

Patchouli Bliss is 100% certified - a refreshing scent with the citrus notes of patchouli and lemongrass essential oils.

Certified organic camellia oil, certified organic lemongrass essential oil, certified organic patchouli essential oil