Ultimate Guide to Naturally Fragrance Free Products

We get it. You want to avoid using products made with toxic chemicals and you absolutely love the idea of switching to natural and organic products. There’s just one little problem: fragrance – you can’t stand it! Or, your body reacts badly to it. And, after all, aren’t all natural products made with essential oils and the like? The good news is, they’re not.

Yes, essential oils do often feature in many ‘natural and organic’ skincare and personal care products. This may be because many essential oils have proven skin care benefits or because they are a great alternative to synthetic fragrances and perfumes or even because they may assist with preserving the product. However, there are natural brands that do realise that some of us just can’t handle any type of fragrance, natural or synthetic. And other people simply don’t like their products to have a smell.


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With all of that in mind, Naturally Safe Cosmetics has compiled a list of beautiful, toxin-free products especially created for those who prefer 'fragrance free'. From top to toe, there’s an awesome option just for you. For more information on each of the following items, just click on the name:

Face Cleansers and Makeup Removers:

Face Scrubs and Exfoliators:

Face Toners:

Face Serums & Oils:

Face Moisturisers:

Lip Care:

Body Soaps:

Body washes:

Body Scrubs and Exfoliators:

Body Lotions and Moisturisers:

Skin Treatments:



Shampoos & Conditioners:

Feminine Hygience and Intimate Care:

Baby Care: