TOM Organic The Period Brief - Black Mid-Rise


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Why you need the TOM Organic period brief:

  • save money over time on disposable menstrual products
  • reduce waste from disposable period pads and tampons
  • it looks and feels like regular underwear
  • it has a unique 4 layer leak-free design
  • it absorbs up to 3 regular tampons' worth of menstrual fluid

TOM Organic Black Mid-Rise Period Brief is designed to fit into your lifestyle, is reusable and made with soft and breathable organic cotton.

TOM Organic Mid-Rise Period Brief - Small for heavy flow

This period brief has flat seaming for a streamlined look and utilises the natural properties of organic cotton to wick away moisture, absorb menstrual fluid and protect against stains and leaks. It is perfect to wear on heavy flow days, overnight or as a back up layer of protection for a menstrual cup or tampon.

Features of TOM Organic Period Brief:

  • breathable organic cotton
  • super soft elastic mid-rise waistband for ultimate comfort
  • absorbs up to 3 regular tampons' worth of fluid
  • full leakproof coverage for day or night

Use and care tips:

  • change every 8 hours, after you wake up or as needed (which may be less than 8 hours depending on flow)
  • after use, rinse in cold water and then machine wash and line dry
BODY: 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Elastane --- INTERNAL ABSORBENT LAYER: 85% Cotton, 15% Polyester --- LEAK-PROOF LAYER: PUL (Polyurethane laminate fabric) --- WAISTBAND: Elastic --- PACKAGING: Cardboard - 100% recyclable and biodegradable