Inika Blending Brush


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Inika Blending Brush has soft and fluffy natural bristles that are perfect for blending out eyeshadows, eye pencils and also concealers.

Inika Blending Brush with tapered soft bristles for natural looking eyeshadow

This vegan blending brush is ideal for blending out your eyeshadow powders, removing harsh lines between different shades and creating a diffused finish.


  • natural, tapered, soft fibre bristles
  • gentle and non-irritating
  • biodegradable handle
  • cruelty free

Directions for use:

Lightly dip the brush into your eyeshadow and apply the eyeshadow powder to the creases of your eyelids, moving back and forth to blend out the colour. It's also great for blending different eyeshadow colours and softening and diffusing pencil eyeliner.

Natural fibres bristles. Biodegradable handle made from PLA material, from a microbial fermentation process with Raw Corn and Cassava