Supercharged Food Love Your Gut Powder 250g


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brand: Supercharged Food

An organic, plant-based wholefood that is the gentle way to a healthy gut.

Supercharged Food Love Your Gut Powder for a healthy gut

Our diet and hectic lifestyle can lead to a build-up of waste products such as plaque, acids, mucus, fungus and bacteria in our intestines. This may result in poor, inefficient digestion, lack of nutrient absorption and a build-up of gas, wind and bloating. Love Your Gut Powder is designed for:

  • better digestion
  • improved waste removal
  • increased nutrient absorption

Features of Supercharged Food Love Your Gut Powder

  • 100% natural
  • silica and mineral rich
  • raw wholefood
  • contains a pH of 8 - encourages a healthy pH balanced and alkaline environment in your body
  • super rich in absorbable iron
  • no additives
  • no GMOs
  • gluten free
  • diary free
  • sugar free
  • suitable for vegans
  • Australian made and owned

Directions for use of Love Your Gut Powder

Add to plain water, juice or put it in a smoothie. Sprinkle over cereal or porridge.

Naturally Safe Cosmetics are not health professionals. Any information or advice in this product description is of a general nature only and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For medical advice regarding your own gut health, we recommend you contact your GP or other healthcare professional. For pregnant women or children, consult your healthcare practitioner first.

Food-grade, organic, fresh water diatomaceous earth (amorphous silica)