Flora Remedia Lip Exfoliator 4g

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Flora Remedia Lip Exfoliator is a lip-beautifying scrub that helps remove dry skin on lips and contains beneficial natural ingredients to exfoliate, nourish and condition your lips.

Flora Remedia Lip Exfoliator to nourish and condition your lips

This lip scrub is perfect to use before applying your lipstick to ensure a smooth application. It comes in a lipstick shape itself, making it easy to apply. 

Key ingredients:

  • Castor seed oil - an eco friendly oil to maintain soft and supple lips
  • Cocoa butter - full of beneficial fatty acids, this edible oil nourishes lips damaged by environmental factors
  • Coconut oil - this oil wraps a protective layer around the skin and helps maintain the skin's moisture and protect it from dryness
  • Coffee - a natural exfoliator to remove dead skin cells

Directions for use:

  1. Apply to lips like a regular lipstick.
  2. Use your finger to rub and enhance the exfoliating effects.
  3. Remove with a cloth and warm water.
Castor seed oil*, coconut oil*, coffee*, fractionated coconut oil*, beeswax*, cocoa butter*, plant cellulose fibers*, candelila wax*, vitamin E* --- *naturally derived