When Andalou Naturals Suffered a Hiccup

Posted by Angela - Naturally Safe Cosmetics on 22nd Aug 2017

Andalou Naturals is a popular US brand specialising in organic skin care, hair care and body care, with a focus on harnessing the best ingredients from nature to produce effective products that benefit both people and our environment.

Andalou Naturals were the first beauty brand to have all of their products Non-GMO Project Verified and ingredient transparency is very important to them. Their website discloses all ingredients used in their products and clearly defines from where those ingredients are derived.

What happened when Andalou Naturals changed their formulas?

In April 2017, Andalou Naturals reformulated many of their products which resulted in some of them including silicone based ingredients. The reaction from consumers (and stockists) was pretty swift and Andalou Naturals have since acknowledged that, while many respected ingredient databases and authorities support the use of silicone based ingredients in natural formulas, their passionate consumers had made it clear that they were not happy with the inclusion of the new ingredients. When we contacted Andalou Naturals personally, they confirmed that they had listened to their fans and were in the process of reformulating again, with the intention of removing the new ingredients. They told us that they viewed the whole episode as a mere hiccup in an otherwise steady course and, personally, I would have to agree with that assessment. We all make mistakes and Andalou Naturals told us that they had learned a great deal from the experience.

Andalou Naturals and Naturally Safe Cosmetics

Which brings us to our store and our stance on all of this. When we first heard about the formula changes we, too, were concerned and decided to withdraw the affected products from our  organic skincare range pending reformulation. Following that action, to say that we were inundated with requests from Andalou Naturals fans to reinstate the products, would be an understatement! Quite a few customers have told us that the Andalou Naturals products are the only ones they can use on their skin and they were desperate for us to get them back in stock. This was particularly so for the 1000 Roses  Sensitive Skin range.

Naturally Safe Cosmetics has now made the decision to reinstate the Andalou Naturals products previously stocked. We’ve made this decision based on 3 factors:

  1. After doing some research, we have found that, overall, the Andalou Naturals products have still got a very good rating on the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Safety Database.
  2. In our interactions with our customers, where we pointed out our concerns about the ingredients in question and why we were not entirely happy with them, the overwhelming majority of people acknowledged what we were saying but still begged us to re-stock the items.
  3. The current formulations are only temporary and we have been assured by Andalou Naturals that they are currently working to remove the ‘offending’ ingredients which were added back in April this year.

Following the acquisition of Andalou Naturals by BWX in late 2017, Naturally Safe Cosmetics is no longer able to stock this brand. We do, however, stock another popular US brand, 
Acure. But, of course, as proud Aussies, our main focus is on stocking and supporting amazing Australian organic skincare brands. You can check out our Australian made organic skincare here.