Pure, Natural & Flawless: A Look at Inika Cosmetics

Pure, Natural & Flawless: A Look at Inika Cosmetics

Posted by Angela - Naturally Safe Cosmetics on 27th Sep 2015

The popularity of mineral makeup has been on the rise for a number of years now and the cosmetics industry is swamped with makeup brands touting the benefits of their ingredients. But, through all the confusion and empty promises, there is one brand that stands out from the crowd, not just in Australia but around the world, and it does so for all the right reasons.

Inika Organic - Healthy is Beautiful

Since its inception in 2006, Inika Organic has taken the natural beauty world by storm and, as the saying goes “the proof is in the pudding” or, more precisely, in the ingredients of the pudding. That is to say, when it comes to so-called ‘natural cosmetics’, it’s all about what goes into the formulations and what is deliberately left out.

Not just content with being natural, many of Inika’s cosmetic products are organic. And, not just organic, but certified organic. This certification is Inika’s guarantee of quality and gives you the best assurance that you are using cosmetics from a brand that has perhaps the strictest ingredient criteria in the world!

It’s this refusal to compromise on either quality or performance that has earned Inika cosmetics dozens of awards for product excellence and innovation, even when judged against big name commercial brands in open categories.

Inika Organic Natural Makeup

Image source: Naturally Safe Cosmetics

Inika's extensive natural makeup range

With a full range of products, including foundation, eye makeup and lipstick, Inika makes ‘green beauty’ look utterly glamorous with high performing products that offer flawless coverage, vibrant fashion colours and real staying power. It’s the reason why so many eco-conscious women around the world have fallen in love with the Inika brand.

Inika's unparalleled quality natural & organic ingredients

Inika uses the finest Australian botanicals and pure minerals to produce makeup products that are gentle and truly unique, formulated to hydrate and nurture your skin, without the inclusion of synthetic chemicals, harsh ingredients, additives or fillers. As well as being certified organic, Inika’s products are vegan, halal and, of course, cruelty-free.

And the proof in the pudding we were talking about? Inika has been awarded one the highest safety ratings in the world by the Environmental Working Group and the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. That’s why it is the #1 certified organic makeup brand and trusted worldwide.

Inika Organic – it’s the choice of women who want 100% natural and ethical cosmetics for truly beautiful skin – without compromise!