​Organise your skin care

​Organise your skin care

Posted by Angela - Naturally Safe Cosmetics on 9th Feb 2016

This is an article written by Claire, a long time customer and advocate of Naturally Safe Cosmetics. You'll love reading her experiences and tips about how to care for your skin, with nature's best!

Coming from someone who has had minor but frustrating skin issues her entire adult life, I have tried it all - from this 'miracle cream' for acne to that 'wonder' spray for pigmentation problems, etc. Stupidly now looking back, I was only concentrating on my cleanser and moisturiser rather than the makeup I was using as well and not giving enough attention to the nasty chemicals that most companies put in these products. Through my trials and errors here is what I have found that works for me and may work for you too - that you won't read about it any of the Women's Mags sprouting their Advertiser's lastest 'Miracle Cream' at a mere $100 plus!! These solutions are affordable and kind to your skin - as they should be!!

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Organic Skin Care

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Q-Silica: Many brides-to-be will have heard about this fantastic natural product - recommended to improve skin, hair and nails leading up to a wedding. The best format I have found to take this is a liquid format 10ml once a day –double if I have a break out for some reason. You can also conveniently use it topically too.

Sarsaparilla: This is a homeopathic tablet which can help your skin so that toxins are eliminated other ways (i.e.: body odour/bowel or bladder) rather than your precious face! There are other effective remedies to help with skin problems. You would need to see a good naturopath or kinesiologist to find out what is best for you and importantly how much. (I tend to need quadruple the dosage normally prescribed to the average person to take effect goodness knows why!)

Chemical-Free Make up: Considering we smother our faces with foundation/powder and the like most every day, it makes utter sense that the contents will have an impact on the health of our skin. My skin showed a marked improvement after switching to toxic free makeup and it makes me feel good being kinder to the environment without any awful by products going out into the environment in the process of making them – something we can’t claim ignorance about any longer with the amount of information out there about how harmful any product is that has chemicals in it to us and the world around us. When there is a comparable alternative why would you?

Make the effort: there are a growing number of outlets both online and shop front that stock chemical free products so you can see what shades suit you best etc.

Free Samples: Some web based stores places even send you samples for a negligible amount so you can see for yourself what you like best and then deducts this from your purchase. If that’s not a good incentive to change the brands you use to these safe and environmentally friendly ones I don’t know what is!!

The Evidence: There is a growing amount of studies & research that has been done from medical experts to prove that although minimal alone, when added together all the toxins (often known-carcinogens) that are in our beauty products (which are able to avoid the stricter guidelines applied to food and drugs) have an effect. The point is they say that accumulatively over long periods of time, i.e. the decades we are alive for, that "it does pose a risk." It’s a no-brainer for me now I have researched it myself. Perhaps it’s time you looked into the facts too and not just what the multi-national companies would like you to believe.

Food for the Skin: Think about it - our skin is the biggest organ we have so what’s the difference between inhaling or ingesting something compared to it being absorbed into our skin. Ever heard about the fact that in the average lifetime we swallow a few Kilo’s of lipstick - full of lead and other nasties (and our lucky partners a fair chunk of that too – Ewww!!!) There are plenty of so-called experts out there who unfortunately still profess that it is not harmful to expose yourself to this level of toxins, but the question to ask yourself is, unless you have no choice why would risk it?

Claire McFee is author of Organize Your Life - an easy to use Interactive Household Filing System. Full of ready made lists to cover every aspect of your life. It will declutter your house and head in no time. Bliss!

Written 31 May 2013