​Oils are the saviour your skin needs

Posted by Angela - Naturally Safe Cosmetics on 23rd Aug 2016

Oils Are The Saviour Your Skin Needs

If you are a fan of reading up on the latest and greatest trends in skincare ingredients, then you'll be familiar with the vast benefits of oils when included in your daily skincare routine.

From joboba to hempseed, rosehip to sweet almond, it can be difficult to decide which is the best oil option for your own unique skincare needs. That's why we've broken down some of the more beneficial oils and our most popular products that contain them.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba really is a 'super oil'. Derived from the Simmondsia chinensis plant, common to the south-west states of North America, it is anti-inflammatory, hypo-allergenic and chock-full of much-needed anti-oxidants, fatty acids and multiple vitamins.

Many big brands are now jumping on the bandwagon with the addition of jojoba oil to their products, but truly organic is the way to go to get the most out of this oil.

La Mav's Certified Organic Pure Jojoba Oil is the perfect all-rounder for your bathroom cabinet.

This product is particularly perfect for those with oily or combination skin, as by applying jojoba to the skin, it can actually encourage your skin to neutralise its production of sebum (the natural oil your skin exudes).

Hempseed Oil

This beautiful oil is derived from hemp seeds (no surprise there) and is the perfect choice of oil if you main aim is to choose one that prevents the signs of ageing that your skin naturally shows over time. It combats dry, dull skin and gives your skin a naturally-infused bright glow.

La Mav Certified Organic Pure Hempseed Oil is another hard-working oil from the La Mav range, and the injection of omega 3 & 6 in this product is essential to smoothing skin texture.

Rosehip Oil

This lush oil is derived from the fruit of the rose plant. The fruit itself is multi-use and used in a range of dishes and herbal teas. Its relaxation properties are widely spoken of, and the oil of the plant is a super-popular addition to many organic skin care products.

Not only is it anti-ageing, due to its array of antioxidants and fatty acids, but it's also commonly used to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

La Mav has come to the rescue again, this time with their Certified Organic Pure Rosehip Oil. Daily application will help smooth the skin’s texture, prevent those tell-tale signs of ageing, and leave you feeling fresh as a daisy (or, in this case, a rose).

Sweet Almond Oil

It may not sound familiar, but sweet almond oil is actually one of the most common oils used in beauty products. When you are aware of the benefits, you'll understand why. Sweet almond oil is absolutely crammed with essential vitamins, fatty acids, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron.

It is primarily effective when used on dry skin and helps to seal in your skin's natural oils, whilst also being a great natural option to calm eczema and similar skin conditions.

If this sounds ideal for your needs, La Mav's Certified Organic Pure Sweet Almond Oil is the way to go. This oil is also a great natural makeup remover – bonus! Try it for eye makeup removal - you'll love it!

La Mav's Certified Organic Nectar Therapy range also includes anti-ageing & healing Argan Oil, skin healing Tamanu Oil, soothing Camellia Oil and moisturising, anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E Oil. The entire range of base and specialty nectars is 100% pure and the perfect addition to your organic skin care collection.

Finally, if you are on the lookout for another great organic product with omega oils, be sure to check out Mukti's Antioxidant Facial Oil Omega 3,6,9. You'll be the oil queen with this replenishing serum that is the ultimate in moisture retention and improvement of skin elasticity.

So, whatever your particular skin care needs, jump on board the oil train and save your skin with Naturally Safe's vast range of certified organic, natural oil skin care products.