Mother's Day Is Coming - Which Mum Are You?

Posted by Angela - Naturally Safe Cosmetics on 2nd May 2017

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself with some organic goodness. But which Mum are you?

New mum

Did you recently bring a precious bundle of joy into the world? If you're a first time Mum, this can be both frightening and exciting. There are so many decisions to make. What is the best way to help them sleep through the night? What is the best natural alternative to talcum powder? How do I care for their sensitive skin? Don't worry though, you're doing a great job! That’ll make this Mother’s Day the first you’re on the other side, so welcome and enjoy!Mums

Mum of one child

Your child is the centre of your world and you are likely the centre of theirs (sorry Dads - your turn comes in September). If you're not planning on having any more children, or you are unable to for whatever reason, maybe you feel a little guilty sometimes for not giving your child a sibling. Or maybe you feel pressure from other people to have more children. Maybe you're worried about your child's feelings and what effect being an only child has on them. Are they lonely? Are they missing out on experiences shared by siblings. Don't stress! Your continued love and devotion to your one and only child makes them truly blessed and assures them of a happy upbringing. So enjoy motherhood and make some time this Mother's Day for yourself. How about a relaxing body massage with organic oil? Sounds devine, right? Maybe you can recruit your partner to help out with this one!

Mum of 2 or more kids

How do you do it? Most people find it hard enough to take care of themselves, let alone multiple kids! School, sport, parties and play dates – with all that running around, you deserve a chance to chill out this Mother’s Day. Why not grab a natural face mask, lie back and relax for a while as nature’s best cares for your complexion. Enjoy the down time and the well-deserved break because, after all, you’re doing a great job!

Single Mum

It’s a fact: single Mums are hard-working and raising a child or children on your own is no mean feat! But you do get the last say at bedtime and you rule the roost! So this Mother's Day, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back, because you’ve earned it. After putting the kids to bed, fill up the bath tub, hop in and soak your worries away with soothing bath salts and oils. Enjoy the time to reflect on how your hard work is paying off. Not only are you the most important person in your kid’s lives, but you remind us all that nothing is impossible.

Mum of teenagers

If you’ve got boys, it’s all about managing their dirty socks and their personal hygiene. Why do they have such an aversion to showers anyway? And let’s not get started on their diet and making sure they’ve eating enough greens! If you’ve got girls, maybe you’re dealing with crushes or their wardrobe (or perhaps lack thereof – yes, short skirts are still popular) and how much makeup they want to wear. They'll want to wear makeup because everyone else is. But you can be the coolest Mum around and introduce your daughter to natural makeup so you can rest assured she isn’t compromising her complexion with all those nasty chemicals. Lead by example and show her that choosing natural cosmetics does not mean you have to compromise on quality or performance. Here's a great idea: grab yourself some girlie time with your daugther this Mother’s Day and paint your nails together with a natural nail polish. Your teenage daughter is at the perfect age for you to share these moments with her.

Professional mum

Not only are you the head honcho of your family (again, sorry Dads) but an important bread winner. You don’t need a special day to tell you that you’re a great Mum - you know it, but embrace the chance to reflect. It’s tough running a family while working, and the fact that you do it makes you who you are but also helps forge your family. So as you head out the door, why not grab an organic lipstick and enjoy that confidence-boosting dash of colour as it accentuates your lips because, after all, you are doing awesome job!

Empty nest mum

Have all your children grown up? Are you no longer cleaning up after your much-loved offspring? Congratulations! Take some time to pamper yourself this Mother's Day. After all those years of taking care of others, it’s time to treat yourself the best nature has to offer. Perhaps you’ve noticed a few extra lines or wrinkles as the years have gone by? Maybe some laugh lines from all the wonderful happy times you've shared with your children? Or, maybe some frown lines from all those times worried over them? Now is the perfect time to do your skin a favour and take care of your complexion the way only organic skin care can - with nourishing, natural ingredients and no nasties. Grab a new facial serum for an extra hydration boost for your skin before you hit the hay. The kids may have moved out and you're still a wonderful Mum but now is the time for you!

So, whichever type of Mum you are, enjoy this Mother’s Day because as we all know: it's a tough job and no one else can do it like you! Happy Mother’s Day!