Mums & Pregnancy

Are you expecting or know a mum-to-be? Certain chemicals often found in personal care products have been shown to be harmful to a developing feotus.

Natural and organic products suitable for mums and pregnant women

Many of our items contain essential oils. Some essential oils are generally considered safe to use during pregnancy but certain others are normally not recommended during this special time.  Whilst the products on our website are predominantly made from natural and organic ingredients, we strongly recommend pregnant women seek the advice of their doctor before using cosmetic and personal care products on their body.

Note: We suggest you closely check the listed ingredients for any products in which you are interested and make your own enquiries with health care professionals. Any advice which may appear on this website as to the suitability or not of certain products for pregnant women, in any of our store categories, is taken from manufacturer information and should not be relied upon solely when choosing products to purchase.