5 Natural Skin Care Tips for Autumn

Posted by Angela Gross @ Naturally Safe Cosmetics on 26th Mar 2018

So the beautiful (but often intensely hot) Summer has come and gone and Autumn has arrived, which means a change in your natural skin care routine should now take place in order for your skin to thr … read more

BB Creams - Please Explain?!!!

Posted by Angela @ Naturally Safe Cosmetics on 21st Feb 2018

It's OK Pauline, you're not the only who's not sure about BB creams. One of the most common questions I get asked in my job is: "What's a BB cream?" While most of us have heard of the term 'BB cream', … read more

Transparency is easy when you have nothing to hide

Posted by Angela @ Naturally Safe Cosmetics on 17th Jan 2018

One of my pet hates in this industry is when brands don’t provide their products’ full list of ingredients on their website. They may only list the key ingredients, or beneficial ingredients, or how … read more