Wotnot Biodegradable Nappy Bags


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Wotnot Biodegradable Nappy Bags are the perfect choice if you're looking for an eco-friendly option when it comes to nappy disposal, both at home and when you're out and about with your little one.

Wotnot Biodegradable Nappy Bags for an environmentally friendly nappy disposal option

Plastic pollution is a real problem all around the world. Plastic bags often end up in landfills and oceans and many take a long time to decompose, releasing toxins as they do. You can do your bit for our environment by choosing a completely biodegradable option from Australia's Wotnot.

Benefits of Wotnot Biodegradable Nappy Bags:

  • 100% biodegradable
  • 100% compostable
  • Based on GMO-free cornstarch
  • Fragrance free

Wotnot Nappy Bags are also perfect for use as a doggy waste bag when walking the dog.

Pack size: 50 bags

Based on natural GM-free cornstarch. Unperfumed.