Vrindavan Mould Solution Surface Spray 750ml


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Vrindavan Mould Solution Surface Spray is a natural, anti-fungal and antiseptic surface spray made with pure clove essential oils and designed to remove mould and attack mould spores.

Vrindavan Mould Solution Surface Spray for a natural, safe and chemical free mould cleaner

Some bleach-type products on the market look like they remove mould but actually only bleach it, allowing the spores to remain so the mould grows back. Vrindavan Mould Solution is formulated with powerful Clove Oil and attacks mould spores to prevent growth of mould.

Benefits of Vrindavan Mould Solution:

  • removes mould
  • attacks spores
  • prevents growth

Vrindavan Mould Solution Surface spray can be used to sanitise:

  • bathroom
  • kitchen
  • ceiling
  • walls
  • doors
  • blinds
  • timber
  • carpet
  • clothes

How to use:

To remove mould from hard surfaces with Vrindavan Mould Solution: Clean surface with a mixture of hot water, bicarb of soda and vinegar. Lightly mist on Vrindavan Mould Solution.* Leave for 20 minutes and wipe off. Spray again and leave. It will take 24-48 hours for the mould spores to dry and drop off.

To use Vrindavan Mould Solution to remove mould from clothes, shoes and linen: Hang affected item outside in sunlight. Brush off mould spores. Spray the affected area lightly with Vrindavan Mould Solution.*

General directions for Vrindavan Mould Solution Surface Spray: Lightly spray on affected area.* Wipe off with a cloth. Repeat, if necessary. For persistent mould, leave on for 24 hours. For carpets, leave for 24 hours, then vacuum.

*Always patch test first on a hidden area of surface or material.

Safety warning: Wear gloves when handling. Avoid eye and skin contact.

Water, Solubiliser (Vegetable Derived), Blend of Essential Oils