Truth in Beauty - by Mukti


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Truth in Beauty by Mukti is the ultimate resource for holistic beauty and now proudly available at Naturally Safe Cosmetics.

This informative book comes from the creator of multi award-winning Mukti Organics, one of Australia's premier organic skin care brands.

Truth in Beauty by Mukti - ultimate resource guide on healthier, greener beauty

If you are interested in making the switch to a more natural and greener lifestyle, including the use of natural and organic skin care products and cosmetics, then you simply must read this book.

Truth in Beauty is a beautifully presented hardcover book filled with easy-to-follow tips and checklists to help you on your organic beauty journey.

The author of this comprehensive green beauty guide, Mukti, has been actively engaged in the beauty industry for over two decades. In writing this book, Mukti has drawn on her industry experience, as well as her background in complementary medicine.

Features of Truth in Beauty book

  • Discover compelling facts exposing beauty industry secrets and harmful ingredients used in everyday skincare, makeup and personal care products
  • Learn how to decipher labels and verify marketing and product claims
  • Uncover healthy, nourishing alternatives when it comes to skin care
  • Find out how to nurture your skin whatever your skin type and whatever your age
  • Enjoy ultimate beauty biohacks, along with a comprehensive A-Z Blacklist of ingredients you should avoid and why
  • Checklists to assist you in your quest to switch to clean, sustainable products that are effective for you and won't harm the environment

Truth in Beauty has been described as a 'game changer' - perfect for yourself or as a wonderful gift for friends or family members.


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