Naturally Safe Cosmetics Vegan Push Eyeliner Brush


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Naturally Safe Cosmetics Vegan Push Eyeliner Brush quickly and easily allows you to achieve perfectly applied, professional looking eye makeup.

Naturally Safe Cosmetics Vegan Push Eyeliner Brush allows for expertly lining your eyes with wet or dry colour

If you don't like the look of traditionally applied eyeliner or your hand is not as steady as you would like, then the super dense bristles on this brush are excellent for creating a controlled line of colour along the edge of your upper and lower lashes.

Benefits of Naturally Safe Cosmetics Vegan Push Eyeliner Brush:

  • Offers an alternative way to line your eyes
  • Can make lining your eyes easier if you have an unsteady hand
  • Can make eyelashes appear darker and thicker
  • Can be used to push wet or dry eyeliner colour along your lash line - top and bottom

Directions for use of Vegan Push Eyeliner Brush from Naturally Safe Cosmetics:

  1. Simply load the push brush with your chosen eyeliner product and push into the base of your lashes, being careful to avoid dragging the brush.
  2. You can also create a quick & easy wet eyeliner by mixing a little water with black or brown eye shadow (or any colour really) on a small pallet or even the back of your hand - perfect for application with your push brush.
  3. The versatile Naturally Safe Cosmetics Push Brush is also ideal for the application of dry/wet mineral brow dust if you need to fill out or accentuate your eyebrows.

Check out this helpful video from makeup artist Wayne Goss: