Making the switch: The results of one month of organic hair product use

Posted by Angela - Naturally Safe Cosmetics on 2nd Aug 2016

The switch to organic hair care can be a scary prospect. You've probably spent your entire life - from the time you grew your first tufts of baby hair - washing your hair with widely-used hair products laden with chemicals and additives. You may not even be aware of the harm these so readily-available shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products are actually doing to the locks you strive to keep healthy.

At Naturally Safe, we rave about the benefits of organic or natural hair solutions, and have previously laid out the reasons you should make the switch. You can read that article here.

Maybe, however, you need a play-by-play of just how you will see incredible results from even the early stages of making the big organic switch.

One of our readers took the plunge and reported back on her findings over the course of a month. The results were unsurprising to us chemical-free fans! Thanks for your feedback F.

Week 1:

“I received my much-anticipated package from Naturally Safe and couldn't wait to begin my month-long odyssey to see just how the products could help fix the state of my hair. I've never used organic or natural products before and haven't ever thought much about making the switch until recently. Two decades of using store-bought, big-brand shampoos and conditioners has taken its toll. I find it hard to grow my hair past a certain length before I need a serious trim. I've always thought this was just the natural quality of my hair, but an organic haircare fan friend of mine recently preached to me about the benefits of making the switch and how she wouldn't look back.

I popped the Acure Argan Repairing Shampoo and its conditioner counterpart in my shower caddy and crossed my fingers.”

Week 2:

One week of going organic with my haircare down, three to go. I try to leave my hair two to three days between washes as it's a well-known fact that over-washing strips your hair of the natural oils that are actually majorly beneficial.

I was blown away by the beautiful smell of the Argan Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner I opted for, so that was a good start! Applying the shampoo, I noticed that it didn't lather as much as my supermarket-brand shampoo does. The Naturally Safe blog advised that this is due to the lack of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) – a seriously damaging chemical added to most haircare products and cosmetics. This made me almost certain I'd made the right choice in going organic. In terms of cleanliness, my hair felt just as clean - if not more - than with my previous brands, and the conditioner left my hair feeling fresh and nourished thanks to the argan oil injection in my new products.”

Week 3

“I'm amazed that within a fortnight of changing over to organic haircare, I can actually feel and SEE results. My hair previously tangled easily and felt heavy and frizzy. Goodbye tangles and goodbye frizz. I felt so confident in my switch, I decided to use this week to add a new product to my final trial week. I love testing new hair serums, styling products or sprays. Due to my serious frizz situation, I opted for the Mukti Luxe Hair Serum but didn't know what to expect as it stated that it is a silicone-free product, and that's what seems to weigh my hair down more and combat frizz. Time will tell!”

Week 4

It's my final week of testing out organic haircare for the month and the transition has been so easy. It turns out, the hair serum I opted for in Week 3 has sorted my frizz out tenfold and left my hair soft and shiny. I rubbed a small amount between my palms after shampooing, conditioning and blow-drying my hair and applied to the lengths of my hair. It smells amazing, my hair feels softer and it seems to emit a shine it hasn't ever had before. I've never had a serum work so hard and actually benefit your hair from the inside out.

My verdict? After a month of tentatively dipping my toe into the world of natural haircare, I have vowed to never go back to regular products. My hair is easier to comb and brush, it feels naturally softer and lighter and not weighed down. I've actually had to wash my hair less often than usual because it feels cleaner for longer. Blow-drying my naturally curly hair is easier and when I leave it natural to give it a rest from heat products, it looks significantly more polished and less frizzy. My hair that usually doesn't grow past a certain length actually seems to have had a growth spurt of sorts within a month - maybe it's thanking me for making the organic change? Thanks, Naturally Safe!”