Natracare Organic Cotton Ultra Pads - 12 Super

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Natracare Organic Cotton Ultra Pads - Super are discreet and slimline while still offering excellent comfort and reliability.

These pads have a soft certified organic cotton cover and an absorbent cellulose core to keep you dry. Completely plastic-free, the waterproof backing is plant-based.

Natracare Super Ultra Pads are also free from chlorine, rayon, latex, chemical additives, fragrances and dyes - and they're suitable for women with sensitive skin.

Biodegradable and compostable, Natracare Ultra Pads are not just better for you, but better for our environment too!

Pack size: 12 pads

Pad: Certified Organic cotton, ecologically-certified cellulose pulp, corn starch, non-toxic glue. Wrapper: Compostable cellulose, compostable starch film.