MG Naturals Organic Glow Lipstick - Red Velvet


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MG Naturals Organic Glow Lipstick - Red Velvet has been formulated to be nourishing and hydrating for your lips and is coloured with natural pigments.

This rich, creamy, all natural lipstick glides smoothly onto your lips and offers the best of both worlds - with the moisturising feel of a lip balm and the glamour of a true lipstick.

MG Naturals Organic Glow Lipstick - Red Velvet for rich, ultra-wearable red lip colour that's nourishing & moisturising

MG Naturals organic lipstick includes nutrient-rich ingredients like organic cocoa and babassu butters, so it's super-hydrating, moisturising and protective for your lips.

Organic castor and jojoba oils give this lovely lipstick a beautiful feel and a rich satin finish.

Other benefits of MG Naturals Organic Glow Lipstick - Red Velvet

  • Organic ingredients
  • No synthetic dyes or colourants - just 100% pure mineral pigments
  • Carmine free - no cochineal bugs!
  • 100% titanium dioxide free
  • 100% mica free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free

MG Naturals lipsticks are beautifully handcrafted and hand poured in small batches. This means there's no need to use colour stabilisers and ensures the lipsticks are as pure as they possibly can be. This may cause some lipsticks to have minute air bubbles or surface imperfections but will not affect their beauty or performance.

Red Velvet is a glamorous, ultra-wearable rich, red colour.

Organic Castor Oil, Organic Bassabu Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Candelilia wax, Organic Carnauba wax, Organic sweet orange oil, iron oxides +/-