Jonny Vegan Friendly Condoms - Overnighter 3 Pack

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Jonny Vegan Friendly Condoms - Overnighter 3 Pack is the perfect little pack for those who understand preparation is the key.

This 3 pack of latex condoms is ideal to keep tucked away in your handbag, backpack or humble pocket. Each condom comes with its own 'FabLittleBag' for discreet and easy disposal. FabLittleBag is a handy disposable bag made from natural materials that's 100% biodegradable.

Jonny Vegan Friendly Condoms - Overnighter 3 Pack natural colour rubber condoms

If you thought all latex condoms were vegan, you'd be wrong. Many condoms on the market contain casein, derived from milk, in order to make the latex smooth. Jonny condoms do not contain casein or any other animal derivatives.

Key features of Jonny Vegan Condoms:

  • Made from natural colour rubber latex
  • Vegan friendly - free from animal derivatives
  • Lubricated
  • Smooth, strong and ultra thin at .55 microns for optimum feel
  • 55mm diameter straight form with reservoir end
  • Double washed to remove 'rubbery' smell often associated with condoms

Note: Although Jonny latex condoms are lubricated, they can be used with extra lubricant but it must be a water-based lubricant as latex is not compatible with oil based lubricants. Jonny condoms have been tested rigorously and comply with all Australian and international standards and testing to ensure maximum safety. Although condoms offer highly reliable protection against pregnancy and STIs, no contraceptive can offer 100% guaranteed protection against pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and/or infectious diseases. Jonny condoms do not contain spermicides or parabens.

Caution: this product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ID: 279413

Natural colour rubber latex