Inika Vegan Fan Brush for Makeup & Mask Application


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The Inika Vegan Fan Brush for Makeup & Mask Application is a beautiful brush with extremely soft, gentle and non-irritating bristles.

This brush is perfect for adding highlighter to the cheeks, centre of the forehead, nose and across the collarbone.

Inika Vegan Fan Brush for Makeup & Mask Application with precision and a light touch

The unique design of the fan brush makes it ideal for those times when you want a more sheer application of makeup. It can also be used to redistribute powder around the face, soften and blend for a less dramatic look.

Fan brush is also great for precise make-up application and for sweeping away excess powder and eye shadow fallout, not to mention little touch-ups and corrections to your makeup application.

In addition, fan brushes like this one are excellent for applying face masks. Like we said, a truly versatile brush!

100% Vegan & Cruelty Free Synthetic Bristles