Inika Vegan Contouring Angle Brush

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The Inika Vegan Contouring Angle Brush is great for providing definition to the various areas of your face. Perfect makeup application is all about the tools and this brush is a must-have item for your makeup bag. 

Inika Vegan Contouring Angle Brush for defining, contouring and highlighting

Not born with it? Then fake it! We're not all born with amazing bone structure but a brush like Inika's Contouring Angle Brush can make a huge difference to how your face looks.

The angled bristles of the contouring brush make it perfect for defining and highlighting your cheekbones. Simply apply mineral bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks. Then blend in a little of your favourite blush colour just above that and, finally, sweep a little highlighter across the top.

For the forehead, you can add definition by applying a little bronzer to the temples. A soft sweep of highlighter just above your eyes really brightens up your face.

You can even add some definition to your nose by applying some bronzer to the sides and a light strip of highlighter along the bridge, ensuring that it's all well blended.

Want more definition along your jawline? No problem. Apply your bronzer along the jawline, from behind your ear to the tip of your chin, taking care to blend it underneath and onto your neck to avoid harsh lines.

100% Vegan & Cruelty Free Synthetic Bristles