INIKA Flat Top Kabuki Brush


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INIKA Flat Top Kabuki Brush has medium density bristles and is ideal for pressing or buffing powder foundations onto skin.

INIKA Flat Top Kabuki Brush with natural, medium density bristles for foundation powder

This vegan flat top kabuki brush allows you to easily apply your foundation for a natural finish.


  • natural, soft fibre bristles
  • allows for even makeup coverage and finish
  • perfect for mineral powder foundation application
  • cruelty free

How to use a flat top kabuki brush:

Lightly dip the tip of the brush into your favourite mineral powder foundation and apply to your skin in circular, buffing motions until the desired coverage is achieved.

Natural fibres bristles. Biodegradable handle made from PLA material, from a microbial fermentation process with Raw Corn and Cassava