IME Natural Perfume Collections Pack - 9 x 2.5ml Samples

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IME Natural Perfume Collections Pack allows you to treat yourself or someone special to experience all nine fragrances in the IME toxin-free perfume range.

These beautiful natural perfumes from IME are made from pure grain alcohol and botanical essential oils, absolutes and balsams.

IME Natural Perfume Collections Pack with a selection of natural perfumes from IME

Each perfume in the IME Natural Perfume range is inspired by a muse from Greek mythology and each scent is uniquely blended with 100% botanical ingredients that are designed to encompass the essence of each muse. The perfume sample box is the ideal way for you to choose your muse.

The IME Natural Perfume Collections Pack includes 9 x 2.5ml samples of the full muse range:

  • kalliope [driven]
  • erato [naughty]
  • euterpe [cool]
  • thaleia [flirty]
  • terpsichore [expressive]
  • melpomene [beautiful]
  • ourania [intuitive]
  • polyhymnia [enlightened]
  • kleio [elegant]

Features of IME Natural Perfume:

  • No artificial or animal fragrances
  • No artificial colours
  • No phthalates
  • No parabens
  • No synthetic ingredients
Other benefits of IME Natural Perfume:
  • Certified 100% natural with the Natural Perfumers Guild
  • Certified toxin-free with Safe Cosmetics Australia
  • Cruelty free
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