Eco Minerals Byron Beauty Blender


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Eco Minerals Byron Beauty Blender is an egg-shaped sponge that enables easy, smoother application of liquid foundations, BB creams, concealers and more.

Eco Minerals Beauty Blender for flawless makeup application

The Beauty Blender is easy to use. For a flawless finish every-time:

  • use the rounded end of the sponge for flat or large areas of the face
  • use the pointed end of the Beauty Blender sponge around the eyes and edges of the face
  • wash the beauty sponge with a gentle liquid or bar soap after each use and dry thoroughly in a ventilated area

Tip: The Beauty Blender works best if it is damp when you use it. Simply wet the blender with water, squeeze out excess and you're ready to go. Using a damp blender helps your makeup to blend seamlessly and also prevents the blender from absorbing too much makeup, thereby preventing makeup wastage.

PU, latex-free